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How does cat sitting service work?

Perhaps this is the first time you’re thinking of using a cat feeding service? If so, you might be unsure of what to expect and how does it all work. Not to worry, below is a detailed explanation of the process involved in our cat sitting work.






01 First contact

This part is pretty straightforward. You may have just booked your holidays or a business trip and you’ve realised that someone will need to look after your cat(s) while you’re away. To make a cat sitting booking you’ll need to contact us via our web form (preferred) or call us directly on my mobile. When you send a booking request or leave us a voicemail please mention your suburb and the required kitty sitting dates. This will allow us to quickly establish whether we have availability for the requested dates and if so provide you with a cat sitting quote.

Once we receive your request or an inquiry we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24h. In a case of an urgent/last minute booking, we’ll try to respond asap.

When your cats are booked in we will schedule a quick initial consultation at your place to gather all the necessary information.

02 Initial consultation

Once your cats are booked, we will schedule an initial consultation at your place. This will only be a short visit ( ~15min ) but it will give you an opportunity to meet us in person and show us around your home. While we’re there, we’ll ask you a few standard questions about your cat feeding routine, toileting, likes and dislikes, personality and habits. Your cat may need medication, brushing or treats – whatever it is, make sure to let us know. All this information will allow us to provide your cat with a personalised care and help to keep her as happy as possible during your absence.


We normally collect your keys on the day but you may choose to drop them off to us at a later date, just before you leave.


At the end of our visit we’ll provide you with our payment details. Please note that your booking fee is required prior to the commencement of the cat sitting assignment.

03 Cat sitting visits

Once we booked your cat, gathered all the necessary information and received your payment everything is ready to go.

We run our cat feeding visits in two daily blocks. Depending on your preference, your cat would be scheduled for a morning or an afternoon feed (or both if you’re booked for twice daily visits). If you choose a morning visit, your cat will be visited between 7 – 11am. For afternoon bookings you can expect us to visit between 4 – 7pm.

On arrival, your kitty will receive some hello cuddles and shortly after we move to the most important part of our visit – the food!

While your kitty is eating away, we proceed with 2 other crucial tasks, that is refilling water bowl and cleaning up the kitty toilet.

If the cat is keen, we like to have a little play or cuddles after she has had enough to eat. Then again, some kitties are quite shy and prefer to keep at a distance. We don’t force your cat to do anything they don’t want and would never chase them around the house just to pat them.

If there’s an opportunity we might take a photo or two and send it to your mobile together with our routine update.

04 Completion and feedback

On the last day of our booking, we’ll make sure that your cat has enough food and water until your return. We can leave your keys inside or alternatively we can hold on to them till the next booking. You’re also welcome to pick up the keys from our place at a convenient time.

Once you’re back home with your cat and have had some time to settle in, please spare a minute to let us know if everything was in order on your arrival and how did you like our service. As cat sitters, we’re committed to continuous improvement and are open to any suggestions about our cat minding business.

You can either just text us or use our online feedback form.

05 Your next booking

If you are a returning customer, booking your next cat feeding visits could not be easier. Now that we have you and your cat on record, we’ll only need the required dates in order to make a booking. It’s best to email us via the contact page but a quick text will do too.

If we kept your keys from the last booking, it’s all ready to go. And if not, you can drop them off to us or ask us to pick them up at a convenient time for a small fee of $15.

For more details check out our FAQs section