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Frequently asked questions – pet minding service

Do I have to arrange an initial consultation?

Although it’s not compulsory, we encourage all new clients to invite us for a brief, face to face catch up at their place before they go away. Here are some reasons why:

  • You get to meet us in person and verify our identity
  • Your cat gets to meet us in your presence – this gives her much more confidence
  • The meeting lets us collect all the necessary details and write them down
  • You have the opportunity to show us around the house and demonstrate some of the tasks involved in your cat care
  • It’s free of charge!
What happens during the initial consultation?

After you’ve decided to proceed with the booking, we arrange a suitable time for us to come over to your place and have a chat about your cat’s requirements. During our catch up we introduce ourselves to you and your kitty and ask you to show us around. We then go through a series of standard questions regarding your requirements and fill out a customer booking form.

We prefer to pick up your keys on the day however if you don’t have them readily available, you can arrange to drop them off at our place on a later date.

Who will be looking after my cat?

Depending on our availability, your kitty will be lovingly looked after by myself (Zofia) or my Urban Cat partner Jean. Where possible, we both try to attend the initial consultation at your place to make sure we capture as much information as necessary and meet the kitties in person.

What time will you be visiting my pets?

We offer 2 daily runs: morning and afternoon. You can request that your pet be included in either of these.
If you choose a morning visit, our times will be anytime between 7 – 11am. For afternoon bookings you can expect us to visit between 4 – 7pm.

Please note: We will try to accommodate preferences for all our customers however we cannot commit to an exact visiting time. Our schedules are dependant on location, number of  bookings on the day and uncontrollable factors like traffic or emergencies.

What are my payment options?
  • Bank EFT (please contact us via email ask@urbancat.com.au for details)
  • Paypal payments can be made to email ask@urbancat.com.au
  • Cash by individual arrangement
When do I need to pay?

If the cat minding fee is less than $500, the amount will need to be paid in full one week before the commencement of the booking. For long term bookings, where the cost exceeds $500, the payment can be split into two instalments – with the second instalment required halfway through the duration of an assignment.

How long has Urban Cat been operating?

Our cat minding service has been running since 2010.

I'm going away for a long holiday. Can you give me a discount?

Yes, if you’re booking over 14 consecutive days and you live in close proximity from Marrickville, we may be able to provide you with a discounted rate. Each case is different however and we’ll need full details of the booking before preparing a quote.

What is your public holiday loading?

Public holidays attract a 100% surcharge per visit on top of our standard rate. For example if we’re visiting your kitty on a Boxing Day, the cost for one visit will be $60 ($30 + $30)

I have someone who will be able to visit the cats on some days while I'm away. Is it possible to book custom (non-consecutive) dates?

Yes. That’s not a problem. We’re flexible and happy to share the kitty care with your family or friends. All we need is an accurate schedule of visits so that we don’t double up or interfere with your helpers.

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