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Outdoor cats – born to be wild

Many cats just love the outdoors! The outside world gives them much more room to exercise and provides endless stimulation for their sharp senses and natural curiosity. If you own an outdoor cat be cautious, your friend can get into a lot of trouble in the urban environment! Cars, diseases, cat fights, parasites and much more.

So if you still decide to let your cat venture into the outside world, how can you at least minimise the risks?

  • Microchip and register her – this will let the rangers identify your lost friend and contact you to pick her up Find out where you can microchip and register your cat
  • Keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date to avoid some serious illnesses transferred between cats
  • Purchase a reflective collar and keep it on, this will allow car drivers to spot the cat in time
  • The collar should also have an easy release clip in case your cat gets caught on a branc
  • Attach a jingle to the collar to prevent her from killing native birds and lizards
  • Use a good flea treatment and regularly deworm your cat
  • Make sure your cat’s belly is full before letting her out to minimise the risk of poisoning after eating something nasty